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Wow - I'm still here!

I can't even remember when the last time I posted was - lol.
I have a grandson now - Weston Harrison - born on July 4, 2009, and he is the love of my life!
My 2 daughters are doing great - both working, and growing up, :/
I'm still engaged to my soulmate - known him for almost 30 years now, and we've been engaged for the past 5 years, :) He finally got smart and realized I'm the best thing for him, lol.
My younger daughter got a puppy, AND got me hooked on Supernatural, my biggest guilty pleasure now, :)
I've basically spent the last year ferrying people from job to job, taking care of Weston and the Man, my elderly parents, and occasionally 4 "adult" kids, lol. I may not get $$ for this "job" of mine, but I reap much greater rewards, :D
This December will be my 46th birthday, and 6 years since I had my WLS - still only 5-8 pounds over goal! I'm amazed every day at how great I feel, and how my life has changed since I took that step. :)
I may not post much, but I DO check in here every few days - I'm still lurking, lol.

damned Karma! >:O

Ok, so yesterday I was waxing poetic about my life and the things I'm thankful for -
then in the afternoon, I stepped on my little kitty - (he's 7 weeks old) - ended up taking him to the vet for what I thought was a dislocated shoulder.
After 2 x-rays, and $250, turns out, his humerous is broken. So now he is sporting a blue cast with stars on it, which wraps around his shoulder, and down the length of his arm. :(
It's a good thing it was ME who tromped on him - anyone else here would have killed him!
I was afraid he would hate me after this, but he still loves me! :D When I got up this morning and came down to check on him, I was showered with kitty-kisses, :D

Halloween goodness

Ok, so sadly (VERY SADLY) in September the two kitties we had here died unexpectedly - my poor lil Tater was so sick, and 3 weeks later, Mo-mo went, too, :(
Yesterday, Halloween of course, my niece-in-law brought me a new kitty. (She called first). I wasn't sure if I was ready, but he is soooooo tiny - not even old neough to be away from his mom, but she found him in a cardboard box, next to the ball field, with a sign = "free". He JUST went to the litter box, after a day and a half of trying to get him to understand the concept, lol.
He is mostly black, with a lil white mustache, white whiskers, white feet, and his belly is skunk-striped. We named him Ichabod, in honor of Halloween, and he is sleeping in an old easter basket filled with one of my sweetie's old t-shirts. (On my computer desk, no less, lol)
It's like having a newborn infant in the house, really. alex pretty much sat up with him all night, and finally came and got me this morning. I fed him, put him in his litter box, and VOILA! :D I'm thinking he's about 4 weeks old, :( Way too sad to be on his own, :( Don't know who would dump a little kitty like this out, or WHY, but I'm glad Laura found him for me.
In other news, um...there really isn't much I'd like to share right now. Sorry, :/

enough is enough is enough....

One quick word - don't mess with me because YOU are insecure - I AM older, I AM definitely smarter, AND I have a better sense of propriety and responsibility.


Al, his son Sean, and Al's brother-in-law Chip left this mornig around 5 am for Woodstock. 40th anniversary, at Bethel Woods. They're so excited, Al woke me up at 4 and said, "oh, YOU'RE up, too?" lol too cute.
The girls are leaving aroudn 12:30 today for their concert in Burgettstown, (Blink 182, Fallout Boy, Panic at the Disco). It's Alex's first concert, and much as I'd like to be there with her, I get to stay home with Weston! Just the two of us, :D
That is all for now.


Okay, apparently now I'm majorly allergic to bees. The nurse said that everyone is, it's just a matter of to what degree. The venom never goes out of your system, and once it builds up to a certain level, BOOM - anaphylactic shock!
I got stung by a bee in the backyard, and almost immediately my lips went numb, my face swelled up like I had Botox overload, couldn't breathe, my throat started to swell up, hives, massive itching, the whole shebang. Drove myself to the ER, just barely (coz I took 2 Benadryl before I left home) and was hooked up to an IV, a heart monitor, bp cuff, within 2 minutes, and proceeded to itch my ass off. After they pumped me full of shit, I STILL itched (one of the medds actually MAKES you itch!), then Al & Alex came up and we carried on with the couple on the other side of the curtain, lol. The doc finally came and sprung me, and now I have to carry an Epipen. Blah.
Then I came home, and couldn't sleep coz I kept getting foot cramps that would only go away if I got up and walked, so needless to say, my ass is draggin'!!
At least I'm not dead, right?

quick update

Still no baby - waiting is the hardest part, lol.
Less than 2 weeks left - she's not even close. :/
Happy birthday, Meeshicus! :)

The time has come....

...the walrus said, to talk of many things. :/

My baby is graduating high school tonight.
I'm torn.
I'm excited.
I'm melancholy.
I'm totally sad.
I'm so proud.
She's an adult, one of whom I'm VERY proud, always have been.
But, she's my baby!
When they're little, we all wish they'd talk, walk, learn to do things for themselves, be able to TELL us what they want/need.
Don't wish your child's life away! (Or your own, for that matter.)
They grow up WAY too fast!
My life's ambition was to be a mom, and while I'm still a "mom", I'm the mother of two adults, now. I am proud of my girls, beyond description, I always have been.

I went and bought her flowers from me and Al, a beautiful bouquet to carry in the procession.
We're taking her to Chinese afterward, her choice.
And tomorrow night, she leaves for 9 days to North Carolina.

I miss her already -

- in all ways. :/


Happy, Happy!

Happy Mother's Day to all my friends who are mothers, or act in a mother-capacity!

You don't have to have physically given birth to be a mother, ya know, :)

My Cassie called me, my Alex made me the most adorable card and gave me the next book in the Strangers In Paradise series and washed dishes for me, Brian's girlfriend Katelyn gave me a rose and a card, and my Man is rolling smokes, (even though I'm "not his mother") :D

I don't care so much about the "things", just the validation is enough. All my life I've wanted to be a mom, and these kids are my greatest achievements, and my greatest joys!

Soon, my Cassie will give me a wonderful gift and I'll be a gramma, too, and I can't wait! :D :D :D :D

I hope everyone has a happy day, enjoy it, Moms!